Rye Druzin
Rye Druzin
Reporter, photographer

Rye Druzin


Rye Druzin is a reporter and photographer currently based in San Antonio, Texas. He is originally from California and has been reporting since May 2013. From October 2013 to January 2014 he reported in Israel on human rights issues in the region and in country, specifically the plight facing African asylum seekers who fled North African countries to Israel, only to find themselves denied opportunities to apply for asylum.

In August 2014 he moved to Midland, Texas, a legacy oil town in West Texas on the brink of embracing the shale oil and gas revolution. Just three months later the bottom fell out of the oil industry, and Rye spent the next two years writing about the oil downturn in West and South Texas, which some called the worst since the 1980s. He reported how the downturn hit some of America's largest oil and gas fields and how it affected everyone from everyday workers to small business owners to county governments and school districts. 

Since the end of 2016 he has continued to focus on the oil and gas industry in Texas and its halting rebound, infrastructure constraints and efforts to export more Texas crude oil abroad. He has also covered the utility power industry and its struggle to integrate increased amounts of renewable energy sources and how the utility industry is struggling to balance growing demand with what's next for power generation.

As a reporter and photographer his work has been published in the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News and the Victoria Advocate.

Rye is an international affairs graduate from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and grew up in Palo Alto, California. In his free time he organizes camping trips with friends, bikes and rock climbs.

He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.